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Responsibilities are Rewarding

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Even before the Stone Age, man held the responsibility and honor of being a ‘hunter and gatherer’. Being a provider, naturally or otherwise, has always been a vital and admirable trait in a husband. It is a value central to the male “tool box” and a timeless obligation that extends beyond any specific culture or religion.  However, in today’s day and age, women are increasingly entering and excelling in the workforce. Western culture has shifted the paradigm and placed a portion of the burden for providing for the household on wives.

Despite these shifting societal expectations and norms, the burden placed on men, according to Islam, has not altered.  Not only are men required to provide for their families financially, the subject of this article, but it is also compulsory that they provide emotionally, physically, and spiritually for their spouses and families.

By consensus of the scholars, a man is legally obligated to provide for his wife and children. This includes food, shelter, and clothing.  In addition, this responsibility, in principle, is NOT a shared one.  The husband is required to be ‘THE provider’ and not just ‘A provider’. Continue reading

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