Can I give Zakat to several people?

Question: Can I give Zakat to several people?

Answer: You can give all of your zakat to one person as long as he/she is eligible. You may also divide up your zakat and pay it to several people, as long as they are eligible under one of the eight categories.

For example: You have 300 USD to give as Zakat, you can give 300 to one person or divide it up amongst a group of people from one category, 5 debtors for example, each getting 60 USD each. You can also divide it up amongst eligible people of several categories, i.e. 1 poor person, 1 debtor, 1 refugee, 1 new muslim, etc.

And Allah knows best.

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About Joe Bradford

About Joe Bradford

Joe is a structuring advisor for a major real estate development firm, specializing in Shariah compliant investment vehicles. He runs a financial advisory. He is the founder of Muslim Money Guide and also blogs at

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