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Muslims, Money & Marriage – Part 01

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Has he graduated? Where does he work? Does he have a good job? How much does he make? Will he be able to support you? Questions like this are not unheard of when a woman receives a proposal.

Does she have any debt? Do I have to help support her family? Does her family expect something extravagant for dowry? These are some of the questions that keep many men up at night before and/or after they propose.

Just a couple of disclaimers:

Culture Practices: There is a discernable variance among differing cultures with regard to practices Continue reading

Three things you can do right now to reduce your debt

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Exhibit A: Guy with credit card debt


We’ve all been there and it’s no fun. Whether to pay a minimum on our credit card bill or pay back a friend, there’s a certain resistance that each of us feel when parting with our money. What’s worst though is the lack of feeling we have when spending it! Each of us have dreams and aspirations, but most of us are held back because we think our jobs and lives are limiting us. They’re not, but our debts and bad decisions are. Continue reading

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