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Muslim Money Guide is home to a number of contributors, each with a unique background in the world of finance, banking, economics, entrepreneurship, and Islamic Studies. For more information on each team member below, as well as the articles they have authored, click on their names below. If you would like to be part of our team, drop us a line through the contact us page.

Joe Bradford

Joe is a structuring advisor for a major real estate development firm, specializing in Shariah compliant investment vehicles. He runs a financial advisory. He is the founder of Muslim Money Guide and also blogs at

Jerry Hionis

Jerry holds a PhD from Temple University. His primary research is in conflict theory with an emphasis on civil conflicts and Warlord-like competition. Other research interests include game theory, economic development, Islamic economic theory and history, political theory and African economics.

Mohamed Hussein

Sh. Mohamed Hussein is a community leader in the greater DC metro area. A Hafiz of the Quran, he is also a graduate of the Islamic University of Medina in Hadith, George Mason University in Biology, and is a classically trained student of the Shafi’ school of Islamic law.

Khalis Rashaad

Khalis Rashaad owns an accounting, tax, and financial management services company. He is the founder of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project which mentors youth to become entrepreneurs. He holds a bachelor's in business management and accounting and a master's in business administration. He serves as the resident Imam at Ibrahim Islamic Center in Houston, TX.

Fahad Tasleem

Fahad Tasleem holds a bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California. He is the founder and lead instructor at the DC Seminary’s “Islam for Working Professionals Program” and plays a multifaceted role as an instructor, an entrepreneur, a lecturer and a student.

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