Can I give Zakat to several people?

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Question: Can I give Zakat to several people?

Answer: You can give all of your zakat to one person as long as he/she is eligible. You may also divide up your zakat and pay it to several people, as long as they are eligible under one of the eight categories.

For example: You have 300 USD to give as Zakat, you can give 300 to one person or divide it up amongst a group of people from one category, 5 debtors for example, each getting 60 USD each. You can also divide it up amongst eligible people of several categories, i.e. 1 poor person, 1 debtor, 1 refugee, 1 new muslim, etc.

And Allah knows best.

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Ten Tips for Muslims with Student Debt

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mo_HGuest Post: Sh. Mohamed Hussein
Sh. Mohamed Hussein is a community leader in the greater DC metro area. 
A Hafiz of the Quran, he is also a graduate of the Islamic University of Medina in Hadith, George Mason University in Biology, and is a classically trained student of the Shafi’ school of Islamic law. Actively involved in youth outreach and community education, he currently serves as the youth director at Dar al Noor (MAV) in Manassas, Virginia. This article and the advice here hold a lot of weight due to Sh. Mohamed having both dealt with this issue personally and advised many of his siblings and peers on the subject matter.


Ten Tips for Muslims with Student Debt

As freshman commence their journeys, sophomores return for another year, juniors pray they can make it to senior year and seniors struggle with senioritis, it’s time for all of us to take a step back and learn so that gaining education doesn’t cost us the rest of our lives.

We must ask ourselves a few questions:

  • How do I avoid debt in general?
  • As a Muslim, how do you avoid incurring student loan debts?
  • Isn’t it too late? Shouldn’t I have been saving for the past 20 years?

These are all legitimate questions that we should genuinely be asking ourselves. For decades, Muslim students have been graduating and earning degrees from institutions of higher education and during this time they have witnessed the cost of education increase exponentially. Just speak to your parents. When they hear how much school is going to cost this upcoming year, they are baffled.

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