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  1. Muhammad


    Would you comment on purchasing or selling monthly surprise or mystery boxes? Typically as the seller, you would list a general idea of what may come in the box. A buyer would subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Then each month, the seller will send a box which contains an arrangement of items to the buyer. The buyer does not know 100% whats in the box until its recieved.

    Also, what about priceline name your own price where you dont know exactly what airline, hotel or car you get until after the purchase is made?

    Jazzak Allah kul Khair

    1. User Muslim Money Guide Post author

      Muhammad, in this case you need to designate the types of items that would be included. So instead of selling a box where they have no idea what they are getting, you make an agreement that for a monthly fee you are curating for them a selection of items. For example: Every month I will select for you one tie, one pair of sock, a shirt. then in the customer agreement you list the quality standards for those items.
      To make this easier to understand, have you ever rented a car and the advertised car was a toyota but when you got there they only had Nissan? When you complain “I rented a Toyota!” they respond “No, you rented a four door mid sized sedan like a Toyota or similar.”
      In the example given in my video, the sale is for an unknown item. In this example, it for an item of specified type. Does this make sense?

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